(3 to 5 years old)

Our Dragons program teaches foundational karate skills to young children, including self-defense and conflict avoidance. The 30-minute classes keep kids engaged with interactive drills, exercises, and games, developing skills like blocks, punches, kicks, balance, and movement. Additionally, the program emphasizes physical fitness, developing coordination, flexibility, balance, and agility for use in other sports. We also work on developing skills like self-control, confidence, positive thinking, listening, respect, focus, perseverance, and courage, all of which are important for children’s development.


(6 to 9 years old)

At this stage of development, children need positive influences to impact their growth. Our Tigers program teaches traditional karate, with a primary goal of self-defense. We use forms, drills, and dynamic exercises to teach technique, speed, power, respect, timing, control, and application. We tailor the program to individual students, catering to their learning preferences. Our short discussions provide real-life solutions to common situations, leading to increased confidence, self-discipline, concentration, and improved self-esteem.


(middle school)

Karate teaches students to win from within, unleashing the power within themselves, and impacting all areas of their lives. Uechi Ryu karate is a very effective martial art. The Samurai program uses traditional forms, skill drills, free-form exchange, and dynamic partnership exercises to teach technique, speed, power, respect, timing, control, and application. At this age, karate training is essential for a student’s growth, resulting in positive support, leadership skills, improved confidence, goal setting, agility, balance, and determination.


(high school through adult)

We offer a balance of karate and physical fitness training for all age groups. The adult program is designed to give meaningful exposure to all aspects of martial arts training, as well as body-improving exercise. Karate training unpacks the traditions of Uechi Ryu karate, develops a solid understanding of technique, and provides a safe atmosphere to increase proficiency. Studying karate as an adult relieves stress, benefits all abilities and ages, provides group support, and is fun!