I’ve been training with Stanley in Uechi-Ryu for over two years, and there are reasons why I make the 50-mile drive to his dojo every week. Despite his level of skill, he is always seeking to improve his karate, and he has a genuine interest in his students and in developing a sense of community among us. Since meeting Stanley, I’ve never had the desire to find a dojo closer to where I live.

Stanley and Danielle are both very professional, on-time, dedicated to their respective activities, and knowledgeable and wonderful with maintaining discipline & order! They are the best outside agency I have ever partnered with for the afterschool program. I can really count on them to be there to run a good program.

Thank you very much for the personal time and attention you’ve given me and my two daughters for the past 5 years!  It’s been so much fun learning Uechi Ryu and all that comes with it.  We have had a great experience learning new skills and making new friends.  I’ve watched my daughters become stronger, more focused and disciplined while having fun.  We look forward to many more great years!

We are extremely thankful to have found this Dojo.  The Senseis/instructors have the perfect combination of a serious and fun teaching method.  This is important especially when you want to keep your kids engaged in martial arts and yet learn how to focus and work hard!  The skills they teach are skills that a child will be able to use throughout their life….self defense, confidence, focus and determination.  I highly recommend the Okinawan Karate Dojo!

The Okinawan Karate Dojo has been an outstanding partner and supporter of Worthington ES.  Stanley Crump and his staff have been active participants in a variety of school-wide initiatives, including our cultural arts programs, PBIS initiatives, school improvement team, Walking to School Day, and the Wellness Committee.  Mr. Crump and the OKD have played an integral role in helping to make the Worthington ES community a nurturing place for the students, staff and parents. Thanks OKD!

Karate has been the catalyst for boosting my son’s confidence and self-esteem. Alex has always been a quiet, withdrawn child however; since his enrollment at the Okinawan Karate Dojo, I have seen growth in this aspect of his life. He started taking karate classes at the elementary school (under Sensei Crump) and has recently started classes at the dojo. It is my hope that his new found enthusiasm and confidence will filter into the other areas of his life. Alex thrives on one to one attention which each sensei freely gives to him as needed.

Our 8 year old son has been attending classes at the Okinawan Karate Dojo for 2 years, and we could not be happier with the experience.  Our son is shy, and also a bit small for his age.  We noticed that he was insecure about his size and uncomfortable in situations where other boys were playing in a physical way – he was afraid of contact and unsure of an appropriate response.  His training at the dojo has provided a solid understanding of how to protect/defend himself, which has helped him build confidence in his interactions with other kids.  This has made it easier to make and maintain friendships.  The staff does a great job of teaching and reinforcing respect for others, emphasizing that karate is to be deployed for self-defense, in tournaments, or for exercise – not for attacking others.  There is also a major physical benefit here – our son’s balance and agility have improved which has helped him improve in other sports. He derives pride and a sense of accomplishment from his progression to higher ranking belts as he understands that it is something he must work hard for in order to excel. We can’t say enough about this place…Stanley and his staff have made a real commitment to their students, which has made it easy for our family to make a commitment back to the dojo.